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New construction can be a headache for all involved. However, we work diligently to make it as easy on our customers as possible. This year, we completed a new construction project involving a building addition for Sun Valley Food, a wholesale food distributor in Sun Valley, Ca

The project included everything from initial electrical engineering and plan check to underground power feeds, lighting, utility outlets and more. The building addition also included several cold storage rooms, requiring power and control for a refrigeration system. We coordinated with the refrigeration contractor to supply the necessary electrical for the system.

Coordinating with DWP, we ran underground conduit from the power pole to the transformer. Then we ran power to the switchgear in the building and to the rest of the building loads

In the cold storage rooms of the facility, we installed Energy Efficient T5 High Bays with motion sensors on each fixture. This allows for only the lights in the immediate area to turn on as a person walks through. This saves even more energy than the wall-mounted sensors that turn on all the lights in the room at once.

With new construction, we enjoy creating an electrical system from start to finish. We ensure a good installation that is energy and cost efficient and has an aesthetic design.

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