Calipatria Project

We recently completed a 4 month project in Calipatria, CA. This project included the electrical installation for a production line at a new facility. We ran power to the main motor control cabinets and to all the pieces of equipment: Centrifuges, a Pulse Dryer, a Spray Dryer, Chillers, Oven Sterilizers, a Sifter, a V-Blender and more. We worked with the equipment contractor to design and implement the electrical system from start to finish.

Photo Gallery » Project in Calipatria, CA

Centrifuge Control Panels

Centrifuge Control VFDs and Spray Dryer Control Panel

Main Switchboard

Conduit for Chillers

Motor Control with tanks

Main Switchboard

Motor Control Center 1

Motor Control Center 3

Motor Disconnects

Piping system for Spray Dryer

Spray Dryer Control Conduits

Spray Dryer Control Panel

UF Skid Machines


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