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Jul 12, 2016

Chris Hanada - Retrofit Films
| Los Angeles, CA

We love our lights. The guys are great! Friendly, professional, easy to work with. You have a great time. As Colton probably told you, we love our lights so much we want more!

Aug 8, 2014

B.B., Plant Engineer Fortune 500 Company

Southwest Electric has very knowledgeable, experienced and competent electricians. They always put their customer's needs first and I have experienced nothing but complete professionalism from everyone who works there"

Aug 7, 2014

Hector M. Carrasco Davalan Sales Inc./The Banana Company

I do have the utmost respect for you and most important your employees. They are the ones who for me have made it most worthwhile to keep using your services year after year. They are very professional and do take the time to help me understand what would be best for the results we need. I can say with confidence that Southwest Industrial Electric is not just a contractor, but part of my maintenance team. Thank you Evan and all of your employees for being part of my team for at least the last 11 years that I have been at service for Davalan Sales Inc./The Banana Co. It has been great working with you. May we continue working great together for a long time. Once again, thank you.

Aug 7, 2014

Tim Clark Automatic Components

Southwest is a most competent and professional company. They take pride in their abilities and they are second to none in service. Southwest answered all of Automatic Components' questions and we received immediate service with very little or no downtime. Southwest is a first class outfit.

Aug 7, 2014

E.P. A Dyeing Art

I really appreciate how your people have gone the extra mile for me in emergencies.

Mar 10, 2014

Wilbur Clunen Sun Valley Food

The customer service is wonderful. I thought I was the best in town, but you give me a run for my money.

Dec 7, 2013

B.B. Maintenance and Operations Manager School District

That is what I appreciate about your crew. They are always willing to explain the problem and what it is going to take to solve the problem. You always put the customer first and explain any limitations you encounter.

Dec 7, 2013

T.K. Golden Ginger Products

Flexible time, reasonable price, good customer service.

Oct 16, 2013

K.A. Entertainment Earth

Very Helpful! We were sent brochures and when I called, the staff was very helpful and sent over a representative the same day of the call. All of them were very accommodating and listened to our requests and problems and fulfilled them. They are very knowledgeable electricians and are professional and very competent when it comes to detecting what's wrong with fixtures and how to fix it. The electricians exceeded our expectations and were able to fix all the fixtures in our office and warehouse. There were a lot of fixtures to repair and they worked in an efficient and timely manner. They explained what they did and were very thorough when answering questions we had regarding the light fixtures.

Aug 20, 2013

J.A. Coast Tropical

Fast Response, Excellent Service, Competent Technicians.

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