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Our GOAL: To provide prompt electrical service, of the highest quality,
with the finest technical expertise.

Los Angeles Commercial Electrical Services

Do you need electrical services in LA? Are you running into electrical problems that you can't figure out? Our staff at Southwest Industrial Electric is made up of experienced electricians who are qualified to solve even the most complicated problems. We accomplish all of our projects and installations with excellence the first time and offer fair prices.

The relationships that we build with our customers are made to last. As a result of the quality work that we do, our customers make us their lifetime electricians. We are prompt, professional, and offer the services you need to ensure that your electrical problems are completely solved.

5 Signs You Need Commercial Electrical services

1. Buzzing - While electricity might do all sorts of things, it's supposed to do so silently. If you're getting this buzzing sound from any electrical appliance either contact the manufacturer or give us a call.

2.Flickering lights - Not only do flickering lights creep customers out, they're one of the first signs of an electrical system that's spread too thin. Contact our experts in Los Angeles Commercial electrical services to get your lights back in order.

3. Repeated blown circuit breakers - If there's one tripped circuit after another, you might have to consider electrical panel upgrade. The alternative is to seriously curb your business' electricity consumption but we'd recommend upgrading because current panel is clearly not sufficient.

4. Electrical outlets that are warm to touch - If any electrical outlets in your business are even warm, it means that the wiring on the inside needs to be redone.

5. A power brick connected to a power brick - If anybody wants one more electrical outlet somewhere, don't connect power bricks to one another as it's a fire risk. Simply call our commercial electrical services in Los Angeles, and we'll see to it that you safely have all the electrical outlets you need.

Why should you Choose Our Experienced Los Angeles Commercial Electricians?

As our customer, you can be confident that hiring us means every penny will be well spent. Whether you are a manufacturing facility, corporation, industrial or commercial facility, the solutions that we offer to your electrical problems are effective. We have handled more than a thousand projects and gained the trust of our community.

We offer our customers a wide array of benefits, including:

  • Quality service
  • Fair prices
  • Efficient work
  • Effective results
  • Wonderful customer service
  • 24/7 availability
  • Experienced electricians
  • Professionalism

Call Our Los Angeles Commercial and Industrial Electricians Today

With our electrical services in Los Angeles, we put your needs first. If you are looking for the most efficient and effective Los Angeles industrial electrical contractors for your commercial building, choose us! We also provide reliable Los Angeles emergency electrical services so that your business is never without power.

Contact Southwest Industrial Electric today for knowledgeable experts in Los Angeles commercial electrical services. We proudly offer free estimates!

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Customer Reviews

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    Norman Berliner - Champion Turf Equipment
  • “I really appreciate how your people have gone the extra mile.”

    E.P. - A Dyeing Art
  • “The electricians exceeded our expectations.”

    K.A. - Entertainment Earth
  • “Flexible time, reasonable price, good customer service.”

    T.K. - Golden Ginger Products
  • “Southwest is a most competent and professional company.”

    Tim Clark - Automatic Components
  • “The customer service is wonderful. ”

    Wilbur Clunen - Sun Valley Food
  • “I do have the utmost respect for you and most importantly, your employees. ”

    Hector M. - Carrasco Davalan Sales Inc./The Banana Company
  • “They are always willing to explain the problem and what it is going to take to solve.”

    B.B. - Maintenance and Operations Manager School District
  • “Fast Response, Excellent Service, Competent Technicians.”

    J.A. - Coast Tropical
  • “Southwest Industrial Electric is by far the best company that I have dealt with. ”

    C.C. - Plant Engineer Package Delivery Company
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    Kuan Tseng - Unison Gifts
  • “They always put their customer's needs first.”

    B.B. - Plant Engineer Fortune 500 Company