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Industrial Internet of Things

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The internet has revolutionized our lives by enabling computers to communicate and talk with each other, sharing valuable information on a moment’s notice. While this ability has been around for decades, only recently have we begun to develop programming and software that can take this data it receives, quickly analyze it, and then make educated guesses or decisions as to what to do in order to improve our lives. These smart machines which can connect and talk to each other through the internet make up what is known as the “Internet of Things,” and give industrial business owners the ability to automate their production processes even further.

If you want to take advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things and further automate your business, our Los Angeles commercial electricians can help. In addition to making sure your production lines are properly powered and well-maintained, we can also help you make sure that they’re all properly wired for data transmission and receiving, ensuring important information is passed to relevant sources at the speed of light. We understand that delays that are even a fraction of a second could be immensely costly in the long run, and that’s why customers trust us to make sure their business is truly prepared to take advantage of this modern automation technology. We make sure your communications infrastructure is up to the latest standards for the greatest reliability and smoothest operation in all aspects of your facility.

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Why Use the Industrial Internet of Things

Machines can detect problems in production lines or find inefficiencies sooner than a human could ever hope to do so. By taking advantage of cloud computing and data sharing through the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), you can make your business smarter and more reactive to problems, ensuring that everything remains safe and operating smoothly whenever something happens, regardless of whether or not you have the ability to control it.

The Industrial Internet of Things can help you monitor:

  • Delays or slow-downs in production
  • Shipment or order statuses
  • Equipment condition, faults, or breakdowns
  • Delays from external factors (i.e. weather concerns or delays from a vendor)

Unlike “internet of things” devices, which span across a wide variety of verticals and are designed for use from everything from small businesses to the average consumer, IIoT devices connect machines across a wide range of industries. System failures or downtime could result in high-risk situations, including ones which could threaten serious damage to machinery or even human life if you have employees working alongside these machines.

Want to make your business smarter and more efficient? Let Southwest Industrial Electric help you connect to the Industrial Internet of Things! Contact us today.

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