The Electric Link July 2023

The Electric Link July 2023

The Electric Link: From Tailgates to Tee Times, Southwest Industrial Electric Hits a Home Run in Industry Engagement

In this new edition of The Electric Link, we have a hot one for you guys. July was a particularly vibrant month for us, marked by dual events, which gave us the ability to build a rapport with some new connections in the industry and show our commitment to providing top-tier service to our clients.

In the realm of industry engagement, we participated in two remarkable events this July. First, we kicked off the month with an exciting visit to an Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) event. The event had a tailgate/networking portion and topped off the evening watching the Angels vs the Astros. This event was an excellent opportunity to connect with industry colleagues, discuss potential collaborations, and share in the camaraderie that is so essential in our field.

Shortly thereafter, we switched gears from the baseball diamond to the fairway for the Association of General Contractors (AGC) golfing event. We were able to showcase our industry knowledge and discuss the latest trends and advancements as well as build rapport with decision makers in the contracting world.

As we gaze ahead to the coming months, we're eagerly anticipating new opportunities, industry events, and continuous engagement with our community. We have several noteworthy projects in the pipeline, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities for growth. As always, we remain committed to providing exceptional service, ensuring that our clients' electrical needs are met with precision and efficiency.

This Date in Electrical History

Willis Carrier Invented the First Electrical Air Conditioning Unit

July 17, 1902 - Willis Carrier Invented the First Electrical Air Conditioning Unit

As we endure the sweltering heat of this July, we find it fitting to celebrate a milestone in electrical history that forever changed the way we perceive and cope with hot summer days. July 17 marked the 121st anniversary of the invention of the first electrical air conditioning unit, a revolutionary development credited to the ingenious Willis Carrier.

In 1902, Carrier, a skilled engineer from New York, found himself facing a perplexing issue at the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing & Publishing Company in Brooklyn. The humidity in the air was playing havoc with the dimensions of the printing paper, making it almost impossible to maintain alignment of colors in the images. Carrier was tasked with finding a solution to this problem. His groundbreaking answer? An invention that not only solved the issue at hand but went on to transform industries and enhance living conditions worldwide: the modern air conditioner.

Carrier's design was a revelation. The apparatus treated the air within the building by blowing it over cold pipes. As the air cooled, it also lost its ability to retain moisture, effectively reducing the humidity. The temperature, humidity, and even ventilation could all be carefully controlled, a concept that Carrier termed 'Rational Psychrometric Formulae'. This mechanized process of cooling and dehumidifying air was the foundation upon which the entire field of air conditioning technology was built.

But the implications of Carrier's innovation didn't stop at improved printing processes. His air conditioning technology was soon adopted in various industries, including textiles and manufacturing, where it improved product quality and worker productivity. By the mid-20th century, Carrier's air conditioners had made their way into homes, transforming architectural practices and making hot climates more habitable.

Here at Southwest Industrial Electric, we wanted to highlight this contribution to electrical engineering, as it underscores the profound impact that innovations in this field can have on our everyday lives. Just as Carrier identified and solved a problem more than a century ago, we continue to provide cutting-edge electrical solutions for commercial and industrial needs today.

Our mission echoes Carrier's spirit of innovation and practical problem-solving. As we honor his invention this month, we also pledge to carry that torch forward, meeting your electrical service needs with the same dedication and commitment to innovation.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in our services. Stay cool this July and remember the impact of Willis Carrier's pioneering work every time you enjoy the comforting breeze of an air conditioner.

Navigating the Heat: Addressing Summer-Related Electrical Issues in Commercial & Industrial Sectors

As the mercury rises in the summer months, so does the potential for heat-related electrical issues in commercial and industrial settings. From overheated equipment to increased power usage, businesses often find themselves wrestling with a variety of challenges during this season. Here at Southwest Industrial Electric (SIE), we aim to shed light on these issues and provide effective solutions that ensure the safety, efficiency, and continuity of your operations throughout the sweltering summer months.

Overheating of Electrical Equipment

One of the most common heat-related issues is the overheating of electrical equipment. In the summer, electrical devices such as motors, generators, and transformers may be subjected to temperatures beyond their safe operating limits, leading to reduced performance or even premature failure.

To combat this, it's crucial to maintain proper ventilation in equipment rooms, regularly service and clean machinery to ensure optimal operation, and consider installing temperature monitoring systems for critical devices. At SIE, our team is skilled in conducting thorough equipment audits, performing preventative maintenance, and monitoring systems to help businesses safeguard their critical electrical infrastructure.

Increased Power Demand

As temperatures soar, so does the demand for power due to the increased usage of air conditioning systems and other cooling devices. This added strain on the electrical system can result in power surges or outages, particularly in facilities that are close to their capacity limits.

We recommend performing regular energy audits to identify potential inefficiencies and plan for increased summer demand. Load management strategies, such as shifting non-critical tasks to off-peak hours, can also help balance the load and prevent overloading your electrical system.

Deterioration of Insulation

Excessive heat can cause the insulation around wires to deteriorate faster, increasing the risk of short-circuits or fires. Regular inspection of your wiring, particularly in hot or poorly ventilated areas, can help detect and address insulation issues before they lead to more serious problems.

As your trusted partner, SIE is equipped to handle these heat-related challenges and more. Our team of experts offers a wide range of services, including preventative maintenance, energy audits, and emergency repairs, ensuring your business stays powered, safe, and efficient all summer long. We remain committed to helping commercial and industrial businesses navigate the unique challenges each season presents, providing tailored solutions that cater to your specific needs. Stay cool and confident this summer with SIE by your side.

Electrical panels

5 Signs You Need an Electrical Inspection in Your Commercial Space

Damaged Wiring needs a Wiring Upgrade

Your commercial space is essential to your business, and the wiring in that space helps make sure everything runs smoothly. While it can sometimes get put on the back of the priority list, it is critical to make sure that the wiring in your commercial space is working for you and your business. If you ever notice damage of any kind on wires throughout your commercial space, it is time to upgrade or repair those wires. While some damage such as that from rodents is isolated and can be easily fixed, some signs of wear are more telling of a more significant issue that would warrant a complete wiring upgrade.

Melted or frayed wiring is a serious safety issue and could be a sign that your electrical system is running too hot. This is a sign that you need to have your wiring system evaluated by a professional electrician to determine the extent of the damage. In addition to melted wiring, exposed wiring is another safety issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

Your Circuit Breaker Overloads Often

Your circuit breaker is designed to turn off power if the system is overloaded or if there is a safety issue. This feature helps to protect your commercial space and your business. However, if your circuit breaker trips often, this could signify a potentially dangerous issue going on with the circuit. If you find yourself continually flipping back on your circuit breaker, you need to have an electrician find the cause.

Flickering lights

While lights sometimes flicker, especially in larger commercial spaces, consistent flickering from overhead lights could indicate that your circuit is over-loaded. Loud buzzing, humming, or other noises when your lights are on is also a sign that something may be going awry in your lighting system.

Your Commercial Electrical Panel is Hot

Heat is never something you ever want to associate with anything related to the electrical wiring in your commercial space. If you notice that your electrical panel or light switches are warm to the touch, there could be a critical safety issue.

If you notice heat coming from your electrical panel or any light switches, call an electrician immediately to evaluate your system. Excessive heat can melt wiring insulation and cause sparks, which in turn leads to electrical fires. Electrical malfunctions account for a high rate of electrical fires due to sparks caused by overheating.

You Don’t Have Enough Outlets

Your business grows, and so does the number of things you need to have plugged in to keep your business running in your commercial space. If you find yourself fighting with your employees for outlets and stretching extension cords across your space, it’s time to reconfigure your electrical system to make it work better for you. If you are using outlet strips to give you more outlets, you could be stressing the existing wiring that is not built for additional power usage. An electrical inspection would determine what should be upgraded to meet your electrical needs throughout your commercial space.

In order for your business to be successful, your electrical system needs to do its job. A good electrical system is one that you don’t have to think about. If you are thinking about your system as things are hot, your circuit breakers trip or you simply don’t have enough power for your growing business; it’s time to upgrade!

If you need help with an electrical inspection or upgrade, contact us today to schedule an inspection, get a free quote, or speak to our knowledgeable team here at Southwest Electric.

At Southwest Industrial Electric, we're committed to helping you tackle these issues with our comprehensive electrical services. Our knowledgeable team adheres to the latest industry standards, ensuring your facility's electrical systems operate safely and efficiently. Reach out today to learn more about our solutions for your industrial electrical concerns.

Meet The Team: Steven Stella

Steven Stella

Steven Stella

Meet a member of our electrical team, Steven Stella. Steven has been working with SIE for over 2 years and holds the position of Foreman. What got Steven into electrical services was his love of building things and working with his hands.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“I enjoy building the most. Whether it be a small conduit run or a large-scale project. I also enjoy the creative challenges of planning out an electrical install and the variety of work environments we get the opportunity to work in.”

Testimonials From Our Recent Work

“Service was great! The technicians came out really quick. I spoke with a rep and you guys were able to schedule someone quickly. Steven came out and within 3 hours fixed the issue. There is nothing to improve, I was in an emergency situation and Southwest Industrial Electric stepped up.” – Armando

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