Industrial Process Automation



Your business needs the ability to grow and expand if it wants to stay afloat. Businesses that don’t grow will quickly get left behind in today’s ultra-competitive markets, and those who are constantly innovating and improving not only their product, but their production processes are those who will succeed and rise to the top of the mountain. This is where automation is so valuable for industrial facilities—the more automated you can make your manufacturing, quality checking, and other important processes, the more your business will be capable of doing.

Automating processes is a difficult task, but finding someone who can take care of the installation and electrical connections required for automation doesn’t have to be. When you need someone you can depend on for equipment installation, electrical connection installation, and important maintenance procedures, turn to the Los Angeles commercial electricians at Southwest Industrial Electric. We’re the name customers trust because they know we’ve worked with a wide variety of machines before. Whether it’s a completely customized automation machine or a popular system that’s used widely around the world, you can depend on us to make sure it’s powered, connected to the right control devices, and so much more. We’ve provided electrical work to industrial businesses in the Los Angeles area for over 40 years, and we’re proud to be the name customers turn to for a quality solution to all of their electrical problems.

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Automation is a multi-level process with different machines controlling different aspects of your system. At the core of any automated facility is a master brain which takes input from human operators and then distributes commands to various sub-levels across a hierarchy tree. Each of these different levels needs to be wired with not only the power needed to operate, but data and sensor cables which allow machines to run as intended and even make them safer or capable of adjusting on the fly to ensure your process continues to operate as intended.

We can help you with automation at every level, including:

  • Information level: Master control computers and information servers
  • Supervising & control levels: Control computers and unique hardware designed to electronically control production processes
  • Control level: PLCs, SCARA machines, production robots, CNC machines, and other devices which acquire and interpret commands from production control computers as well as make changes based on input from field level inputs like sensors and valves.
  • Field level: AC & DC motors, relays, sensors, bar codes, and other information or input trigger gathering devices

Automating processes is a great way to make your business more efficient and economical. Completely automated facilities have the ability to operate without human interaction 24 hours a day, so long as no mechanical breakdowns or faults cause any section to fail, your facility can continue to operate on a nearly constant basis. And the best part is it can do this with either minimal or even no human interaction or supervision whatsoever. That means improved safety, improved production, and a significantly reduced investment in human labor to make your process happen.

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