The Electric Link - June 2024 Edition

The Electric Link - June 2024 Edition


We are excited to share the latest updates and achievements from Southwest Industrial Electric. This month has been filled with remarkable projects, historical reflections, and of course our continued commitment to excellence. Here's a look at what we've been up to: 

Common Industrial Electrical Issues

 As temperatures rise during the summer months, the importance of getting your electrical equipment checked becomes even more critical. Heat can exacerbate existing electrical problems, leading to costly downtime and safety hazards. Industrial electrical systems are complex and require regular maintenance to ensure they function efficiently and safely. As an industrial electrical services company in Los Angeles, Southwest Industrial Electric has encountered various common industrial electrical issues that can lead to costly downtime and even pose safety hazards. Read our detailed blog post for insights and tips on how to prevent these issues: Common Industrial Electrical Issues 

Top 5 Common Industrial Electrical Issues: 

  1. Overloaded Circuits: Prevent by performing regular load assessments and ensuring high-power equipment is on dedicated circuits. 
  2. Loose or Damaged Wiring: Prevent by ensuring proper installation and regular inspections. 
  3. Grounding Issues: Prevent by adhering to NEC standards and regular inspections. 
  4. Power Quality Issues: Prevent by using power quality analyzers and installing power conditioning equipment. 
  5. Outdated Electrical Equipment: Prevent by regularly updating equipment and performing regular assessments. 

By addressing these common industrial electrical issues, you can improve the safety, efficiency, and reliability of your facility's electrical systems. At Southwest Industrial Electric, we are dedicated to helping industrial clients prevent and resolve these issues through our full complement of electrical services.  

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you prevent and address common industrial electrical issues in your facility. 

Project Study: PMI Service for Distribution Center 

electric testing

This month let’s go over a project in which we successfully completed a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PMI) service for a large distribution company.  

Application: To ensure optimal performance and reliability of their electrical systems. 

Scope of Work: 

  • Visual Inspection: Thorough inspection of physical, electrical, and mechanical conditions, checking for moisture, damage, and proper labeling. 
  • Panel and Panelboard Checks: Ensuring panel directories are accurate, branch breaker slots are filled, and cables are not stressed. 
  • Transformer Verification: Confirming grounding and securing of dry-type transformers. 
  • Outlet Grounding Systems: Using a circuit analyzer to test for reversed polarity, open grounds, impedance, and voltage drop. 
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Removing contaminants from equipment, inspecting and cleaning air filters. 
  • Torquing: Checking and adjusting the torque of bolted connections to prevent overheating. 
  • Electrical Testing: Comprehensive testing of main switchgear, switchboard assemblies, and circuit breakers, including insulation-resistance and contact-resistance tests. 

Equipment Inspected: 

  • 1 Main Service 
  • 3 Switchboard Sections 
  • 19 Panels 
  • 526 Circuit Breakers 
  • 6 Transformers 
  • 82 VFD Cabinets 
  • 20 Unloader Control Cabinets 
  • 3 Disconnects 
  • 16 Suspended Scanner Equipment 
  • 364 General Outlets 
  • 12 GFCI Outlets 

This project's success underscores our expertise in managing complex electrical systems and our commitment to supporting our clients' operational needs. 

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This Month in Electrical History: June 

Figure 1 First AC Transformer 

First AC Transformer

Figure 2 William Stanley 

Figure 2 William Stanley 

The Introduction of Alternating Current (AC) - June 1886 

June marks a significant milestone in the history of electrical innovation. In June 1886, William Stanley, working under Westinghouse, successfully demonstrated the first practical alternating current (AC) transformer. This breakthrough in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, revolutionized the way electricity was transmitted over long distances. The use of AC made it possible to deliver electricity to homes and businesses far from power plants, paving the way for the modern electrical grid. At Southwest Industrial Electric, we honor this legacy by continuing to innovate and provide reliable electrical solutions for our clients. 


Carlos Galindo

Carlos Galindo is now going on his fourth year with Southwest Industrial Electric, and he has become an integral part of our team. Initially drawn to the trades by a desire to build and create, Carlos chose to become an electrician—a decision that has greatly benefited us all! His dedication and skills have made him a key member of our crew, and we are thrilled to have him with us. Here's to many more years of success together! 


“I love problem solving and thinking outside of the box when faced with different obstacles. I don't like taking no for an answer, so one way or another, finding a solution that not only fixes a problem but even improves upon its original state is something I always look forward to. SIE is amazing at giving their employees the tools and training to become the best version of themselves and thrive. It's a place where you feel like you can truly grow not only as a technician, but as a person as well.” – Carlos Galindo 

Testimonials from Recent Work 

“We love working with Southwest Industrial Electric. They are prompt, tidy and they actually want to work with you and resolve the issues. Highly recommend!” – Georgia Richard, Firecracker Works 

Looking Ahead 

As we reflect on these achievements, we are filled with pride and gratitude for the support from our community and clients. We look forward to continuing our involvement in impactful projects and finding new ways to support our industry. We have some exciting expos and conferences coming up so stay tuned! 

Best regards, 

Southwest Industrial Electric Team 

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