The Electric Link February 2024

The Electric Link February 2024

What You Missed | Powering Up for the EV Charging Summit and Expo in March! 

Greetings from Southwest Industrial Electric! 

As February flashes by, SIE is gearing up for an electrifying experience at the upcoming EV Charging Summit and Expo in Las Vegas! We are thrilled to announce our participation in this premier event, where industry leaders and experts converge to explore the latest innovations and trends in electric vehicle charging infrastructure. 

At SIE, we pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation, excellence, and sustainability. Our dedicated team of professionals is eager to showcase our expertise and cutting-edge solutions at the EV Charging Summit and Expo. 

Visit Us at Booth #1219: Explore Our Solutions and Services 

Be sure to visit the Southwest Industrial Electric booth at the expo to learn more about our comprehensive range of services, including electric vehicle infrastructure installations, renewable energy solutions, and much more. Our team will be on hand to answer questions, provide insights, and discuss how we can support your projects and initiatives. 

Connect with Us: 

Stay connected with Southwest Industrial Electric via social media and our events page. You can find relevant info here. 

Keynote Speaking Engagements: 

  • Kristin Larson, CEO of SIE 
  • Alix Smith, Chief Production Officer of SIE 

Southwest Industrial Electric is a proud sponsor of the EV summit. If you are interested in attending the EV Charging Summit as an attendee or any other capacity you can use our sponsor code below. 

Learn more about the expo here 

Learn more about “Establishing Business” & and “Site Installations” sessions here 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients, partners, and supporters for their continued trust and collaboration. Together, we are powering the future of electric vehicle infrastructure and sustainability. 

See You in Vegas: Let's Power Up for Progress! 

ABC SoCal Excellence in Construction  

At Southwest Industrial Electric, we're honored to be a valued member of Associated Builders and Contractors of Southern California (ABC SoCal). 

This February, we had an incredible time celebrating alongside our esteemed peers at the ABC SoCal Installation and Excellence in Construction Award Ceremony. Set against the backdrop of the stunning Marconi Museum in Tustin, CA, the event was a true testament to the strength and camaraderie of our industry. 

For Southwest Industrial Electric, the evening was filled with unforgettable moments. It was a privilege to witness our CEO, Kristin Larson, and other committee members receive well-deserved recognition for their unwavering dedication and hard work. Moreover, delving into the rich history of ABC and its profound contributions to the construction industry, as shared by passionate individuals committed to giving back, was both enlightening and inspiring. 

As we reflect on this remarkable event, we're eagerly anticipating the future opportunities and collaborations that lie ahead. Here's to the continued success and growth of ABC SoCal and the entire construction community! 

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Southwest Industrial Electric. We can't wait to share our journey with you! 


Southwest Industrial Electric provides a large range of services for commercial clients.  Take a glimpse at the photo set below showcasing a recent rooftop solar project for a commercial client.  

Stay tuned for more updates on our ongoing projects! 


This year for Valentines Day, Southwest Industrial Electric handed out our annual Vale-grams to the entire team and hosted a fun rom-com trivia event. To round off the event we had one of our most competitive best dressed contests. Take a look at our winners below! 

Best Dressed Winners - Caeli and Lauren



The Birth of the Integrated Circuit: Jack Kilby's Patent and the Dawn of Modern Electronics 

In 1959, Jack Kilby, an engineer at Texas Instruments, changed the course of electronics forever. His patent application introduced the integrated circuit, a revolutionary concept enabling the miniaturization of electronic components. 

Kilby's invention allowed multiple transistors to be integrated onto a single semiconductor chip, shrinking electronic devices while enhancing performance and reliability. 

Although Kilby held the earliest patent, it was Robert Noyce, co-founder of Intel, whose work led to practical implementation. Noyce's innovations, including a method of interconnection using metal conductors and adapting Jean Hoerni's planar technique, propelled the integrated circuit into widespread use. 

Together, Kilby and Noyce laid the groundwork for the modern electronics industry, shaping the world we live in today." 

MEET THE TEAM: Sam Mizrany 

Meet a new member of the Southwest team, Sam Mizrany.  

Sam’s an electrician. He assists and takes on various kinds of electrical installations. Some key things that interested him in electrical are the depth and layer of the subject, both as a trade and occupation. Also he enjoys learning and growing his skill set in order to become a greater asset to the team and even more instrumental in delivering excellent service/results to our customers. 

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

“What I like most about my job is that it challenges me daily. It’s also very rewarding to work in an environment where you can see the physical results of your labor, having made paths where there were once obstacles. 


We love working with Southwest, they are prompt, tidy and they actually want to work with you and resolve the issues. Highly recommend! – Georgia, Firecracker Works