Factory Relocation Checklist

Factory Relocation Checklist

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Navigating business right now is tricky. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, businesses in the industrial sphere are struggling to stay open, let alone to stay relevant. With operational changes, due to new health and safety protocols, supply chains are disrupted. Inevitably, this affects your bottom line. The industrial industry is experiencing a financial hit, as purchasing essentials takes the place of extraneous spending. Manufacturing firms are either closing or shifting production to medical equipment. Either way—big changes lay ahead.

So, how can your business bounce back after all of this? How do you, as an industrial manufacturer, stay viable post-pandemic? And, if you are one of the lucky few, whose business is booming, how do you accommodate the increase in demand? The answer to both questions is simple: factory relocation.

Why is factory relocation the answer? Here are three reasons:

  1. For manufacturing firms that are forced to slow down production, downsizing brings fiscal stability.

  2. For industrial factories that have had to halt production completely, comes the opportunity to sell. You will be able to pocket the fiscal difference between the property you sold and the property you will move to. Additionally, if your factory is sitting dormant, the fiscal earnings from the sale will get you through these troubling times.

  3. For manufacturing spaces that have remained viable businesses throughout this pandemic, accommodating medical equipment or essential services, comes the opportunity to expand. Moving your factory to a larger space will allow you to meet the production demand more productively.

If you are interested in downsizing, or you need to expand due to an increasing need in your manufacturing vertical, here is everything you need to know about factory relocation:

Your Guide To Factory Relocation

Plan your move.

Even though this may be a sudden move for some, this does not mean you throw organization out of the window. It is imperative you understand each aspect of your move, from packaging to employee scheduling. You don’t want a glitch in your move, as your supply chain can become affected.

Choose your relocation team.

This is a multi-faceted feat, which requires a team of professional industry experts to head. That’s where we come in. We are capable of handling your relocation—from executing your new shop floor layout to building your control systems—Southwest Industrial Electric has 40 years of experience to successfully re-build your business in a new space.

Here’s what you get when you hire electrical specialists to complete your relocation:

  • They will survey your new property.

  • They will perform calculations to determine your power requirements.

  • They will ascertain your accessible power.

  • They will create an effective electrical plan.

Don’t go with “all-in-one” relocation services—they are not electrical technicians. Your space requires uninterrupted power; and, with the exponential technological demand each factory places on their building, you require trained electricians to complete your relocation.

Prepare your layout.

Make sure you have accurate drawings of your layout. Your blueprints are your relocation teams’ essential tool for creating electrical designs and configuring your layout.

Audit your machines and technologies.

Before re-installing your equipment into your new space, check the condition of each machine. Make sure no damage ensued during the move before placing them in your assembly line.

Leave detailed instructions for your relocation team.

Note which machines require special foundations, which equipment needs cleaning, fragile handling, etc., for your relocation team. This will ensure no machinery is compromised during unpacking and installation.

Take this opportunity to improve your factory.

Now is the time to make adjustments to your previous layout, lighting, control systems, etc. Want to have a more energy-efficient business—now is the time to upgrade your technologies.

For your factory relocation, contact Southwest Industrial Electric at (323) 215-1273. We are here for you and your business during this trying time.