Tips For A Productive Workspace

Tips For A Productive Workspace

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Whether you are in the office or working from home, as most of us are doing nowadays, productivity is not always easy to come by. That’s why we here at Southwest Industrial Electric are outlining ways to stay focused that will effectively turn your space into a den of productivity. Here’s what you need to do:

Follow A Daily To-Do List

Time blocking is imperative to staying on task. Keep your outlook calendar, google calendar, and online versions alike, open and visible on your desktop. This will ensure you are pacing properly throughout the day, especially if you are home where distractions are abundant. Make a schedule that is both intentional and optimistic; yet, achievable. Place assignments that are easier to complete at the beginning of your day, as it provides a sense of achievement. This will set positive energy for the rest of your workday, giving you a goal-oriented mindset that will make your more daunting tasks doable.

Ensure You Have Adequate Lighting

Ensure you have appropriate lighting set up where you are working. You want to eliminate glares and shadows, as these cause your eyes to strain, resulting in headaches. Additionally, for those of you who are still working in factories, make sure your workplace has professional lighting—you don’t want to get injured by moving machinery due to visibility impairments. Lastly, make sure you have well-working lighting—flickering and malfunctions can trigger underlying health issues.

Maintain Comfortable Temperatures

A major benefit to those who are working from home—controlling your office temperature. A study from Cornell University found that sustaining temperatures below 68 degrees Fahrenheit lead to an increase in errors and a decrease in productivity. It’s best to keep your office space between 71 and 77 degrees to achieve optimal focus.

For help achieving high productivity in your industrial space, contact Southwest Industrial Electric online or at (323) 215-1273. We have the ability to design and build control systems that will automatically maintain recommended temperatures and lighting settings in your factory.