Infrared Inspections and How They Work

Infrared Inspections and How They Work

Infrared inspection

Caring for your business’s electrical system is complex, difficult, and sometimes invasive work. That’s why we recommend always trusting our team of professionals to assist. There are far more practical, effective and simple ways to inspect your facility and electrical systems, one of which is with infrared inspections.

What is an infrared inspection?

Infrared inspections utilize thermal imaging, which by definition is “the technique of using the heat given off by an object to produce an image of it or to locate it.” In plain language, it is an advanced method and a non-invasive form of technology that allows whoever is using it to locate patches of higher heat which typically equates to an electrical issue, fire, water damage, and more. Without this method of detection, an inspector would have to rip through a wall, flooring, or other material in order to locate problem areas. This method, though, allows for minimal damage to your business.

What does an infrared inspection look like?

Here are the steps we follow when providing our clients with an infrared inspection:

  • Identify the type of equipment we are examining
  • Expose the electrical components by removing any applicable covers
  • Scan the electrical system for irregularities in temperature
  • Investigate the probable cause of each anomaly we come across
  • Recommend preventive action or corrective action if applicable

If you’re interested in scheduling an infrared inspection in your own facility, don’t hesitate, contact our team today! Alongside our infrared inspections, we offer a variety of other design, install and maintenance services. Visit our website to learn more about them, or give us a call at (323) 215-1273 to speak directly to one of our experts.

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