The Electric Link - April 2024 Edition: Springing Forward

The Electric Link - April 2024 Edition: Springing Forward

Greetings from Southwest Industrial Electric! 

Spring has sprung at SIE, and there’s a palpable buzz in the air as we launch into new projects, spearhead innovations, and deepen our community involvement. March was exceptionally vibrant as we celebrated Women in Construction Week, honoring the vital contributions of women in our industry. Our CEO, Kristin Larson, represented SIE at the Women in Construction event hosted by NAWIC LA, embodying our dedication to diversity and industry engagement. 

For the April issue, we're thrilled to highlight a variety of community and industry events, as well as the latest updates from our EV project sites. These features demonstrate our unwavering commitment to excellence. 

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Our team at Southwest Industrial Electric had the privilege of attending the ABC SoCal Spring Leadership Series. At this inspiring event, we delved into Stephen M.R. Covey's expert insights on building trust within organizations.  

The lessons learned have invigorated our commitment to not only enhance our leadership skills but also to foster a culture of trust across our company. We are grateful to ABC Southern California for hosting such a transformative series and are eager to apply these valuable principles in our daily work to better serve our clients.  

This experience has truly energized our team’s approach to continuous learning and leadership development. 

Earth Day 2024 

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Sticking with the national theme of planet vs plastics, this year, our focus is on combating microplastics. In our office we're taking concrete steps by replacing single-use plastics with reusable bottles and mugs at Southwest Industrial Electric. Every sip we take with these sustainable alternatives helps us move towards a cleaner planet. We are excited to share these eco-friendly practices and learn more together, reinforcing our dedication to sustainability in the electrical industry. 

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Facilities Expo 

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In April, Southwest Industrial Electric (SIE) had the pleasure of attending the SoCal Facilities Expo held in Anaheim. This event provided a valuable opportunity for our team to engage with industry professionals, expand our network, and gain insights into the evolving needs and preferences of potential customers. 

At the expo, we connected with various stakeholders in the facilities management sector, including facility managers, property owners, and maintenance professionals. Engaging in meaningful conversations and exchanging ideas allowed us to better understand the challenges and priorities facing our target audience. 

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity to witness how the show is bouncing back after dealing with lower-than-normal turnout numbers due to covid. We were also able to connect with many industry peers like ABC SoCal and a few others. 

Networking at the expo also provided us with the chance to strengthen relationships with existing clients and partners while forging new connections within the industry. These interactions not only fostered collaboration but also opened doors to potential business opportunities and partnerships. 

Overall, our experience at the SoCal Facilities Expo was enriching and insightful. We look forward to applying the knowledge and insights gained from this event to further enhance our services and meet the evolving needs of our customers. 

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Project Study: Cadillac Pasadena EV Charger Installation 

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As the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) continues to soar, we remain committed to providing cutting-edge infrastructure solutions to support this sustainable mode of transportation. 


This project emerged from the need to establish a robust EV charging infrastructure in the Pasadena area. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, SIE took on the challenge of designing and implementing a state-of-the-art charging system to meet the growing demands of EV owners. 


The project presented several challenges, including the need for meticulous planning, coordination, and adherence to regulatory requirements. Additionally, the installation of various charging stations across different locations within the site posed logistical complexities that required careful management and execution. 


SIE approached the Cadillac Pasadena EV Charger project with a comprehensive strategy aimed at delivering efficient, reliable, and scalable charging solutions. The scope of work encompassed power distribution, EV charger installations, inventory/PDI setups, customer parking/delivery provisions, civil work, permitting, inspections, and commissioning. 

Power Distribution 

The installation included the setup of a robust power distribution system to support the EV charging infrastructure. This involved installing a 400A circuit breaker in the Main Service Board (MSB) and running 400A 480/277V power from the MSB to a new Panelboard location inside the existing electrical room. Additionally, a 112.5 KVA transformer was installed, along with a 400A 208/120V Panel board connected to the secondary of the new transformer. 

EV Chargers 

Various EV charging solutions were deployed across different areas of the site, catering to the diverse needs of users. This included: 

  • Installation of power infrastructure for an ABB 480V 24kW Wall mount charger, a Nema 14-50R, and a Blink Smart 19.2kW AC Wall Mount Charger for Fixed Operations/Service. 

  • Deployment of conduits and power systems for future charger locations, including Blink Smart 19.2kW AC Pedestal Mount Charger and ABB 480V 50kW pad mount charger installations for Inventory/PDI setups. 

  • Provision of power for future 50kW DC fast charger and 19.2kW AC Wall Mount Charger installations in Customer Parking/Delivery areas. 

Civil Work 

The civil work needed included trenching, backfilling, concrete/asphalt work, and bollard installation. 

Wrap Up 

The Cadillac Pasadena EV Charger project underscores SIE's commitment to excellence and sustainability in electrical engineering. By successfully executing this initiative, we hope to have contributed to the advancement of EV infrastructure, helping to make significant strides towards a cleaner and greener future in transportation. 

New and Improved Referral Program! 

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This Month in Electrical History: Remembering Edith Clarke 

This Month in Electrical History: April 26, 1888 

On April 26, 1888, a historic milestone in electrical engineering was achieved with the demonstration of the first long-distance transmission of electrical power. This groundbreaking event took place in Germany, marking a significant leap forward in the harnessing and distribution of electricity. 

Engineer Werner von Siemens, a pioneering figure in electrical engineering and the founder of Siemens AG, designed the system that made this achievement possible. The transmission of electricity covered an impressive distance of approximately 175 kilometers (109 miles), stretching from a hydroelectric power plant to the bustling city of Frankfurt. 

This successful demonstration showcased the feasibility and potential of transmitting electrical power over long distances, laying the groundwork for the development of electrical grids and the widespread adoption of electricity as a primary energy source. It paved the way for the electrification of cities, industries, and ultimately, transformed the way we live and work. 

The first long-distance transmission of electrical power stands as a testament to human ingenuity, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of progress in the field of electrical engineering. 

Read more about this here! 

Upcoming Events 

ABC SoCal Golf Event  

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2nd Annual SIE Basketball Charity 

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Looking ahead to May, the excitement builds for our 2nd Annual SIE Basketball Charity event. Mark your calendars for May 17th, as it’s more than just a game – it's a community gathering for a cause, where the competitive spirit of local AEC and related companies shine, and the winning team's charity of choice receives the proceeds. It's our way of fostering team spirit and giving back, a testament to our belief in combining passion with purpose. 

These events are a cornerstone of who we are at Southwest Industrial Electric – dedicated to growth, leadership, and community. We can't wait to share these experiences with you, our valued clients and partners, as we learn, lead, and support one another. 

Meet the Team – Michael Romero 


Michael joined our team mid-2020 with the goal of becoming an electrical engineer after spending time learning in the field. He immediately began soaking up knowledge and has become a wonderful electrician to have on our team—we look forward to continuing to support Michael on his journey towards becoming an engineer. 


“What I enjoy the most about my work is seeing jobs through from start to finish. I enjoy applying what I have learned at this company and being confident that I have done work as efficiently as possible. As for working specifically for this company, I enjoy the opportunity and encouragement to grow. Everyone here wants to see you succeed for yourself and for everyone.” 


Southwests’ service and customer service has been great. Your team responds quickly and is always easy to communicate with. Overall, everything has been great, and we look forward to working with your team more. Nick - FSG