Evolution of Electric Vehicles

Evolution of Electric Vehicles

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Transportation throughout the world has come a long way since the dawn of the wheel. We’ve gone from horseback to horsedrawn carriages, bicycles, early gas-powered vehicles, and now to electric cars. You might think that we’ve reached the end of vehicle evolution, but you would be incorrect. Even electric cars have evolved a great deal. This latest blog post will go over the greatest advancements in electric transportation.

The First Electric Car

You might be shocked to learn this, but the first electric cars were conceptualized and invented in 1828, when most people still relied on horses and buggies for transportation. Inventors and companies continued to improve upon the original invention until the early 1900s. Around this time, the Model T was invented; its ability to be mass-produced made it far less expensive than the electric cars on the market.

Once crude oil was discovered in Texas, making gas even cheaper, the desire and production of gas-powered cars boomed while electric vehicles plummeted. It wasn’t until the 60s and 70s, when gas prices began to soar, that the public began turning their interest towards electric-powered cars once again. The issue with electric vehicles was their lack of range and slower speeds until the early 2000s, when companies began a race to develop the best-performing electric cars. Coupled with the push for nationwide charging stations, the desire for electric vehicles grew immensely along with their production.

That brings us to today, where Tesla is a household name, and more and more car shoppers across the nation are in search of their electric vehicles. It’s even begun to make its way into the commercial realm.

Types of Electric Transportation

While the Tesla line of cars gets the most discussion in the world of electric transportation, there are plenty of other brands and types of transportation that have been developing throughout the years.

For instance, there are electric forklifts, fleets of electric semis, and more in the world of manufacturing and industrial business.

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