The Electric Link January 2022

The Electric Link January 2022

We Wear Blue: Human Trafficking Awareness

During the month of January, Southwest Industrial Electric Honored Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention month. We participated in the #wewearblue campaign, and have been hosting a fundraiser all month long for the Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST) with $2 tickets through RallyUp. The Blue Campaign provided us with awareness materials that we shared and passed out to Staff, bringing light and awareness to how we can come together in the fight against human trafficking, and how we can uplift survivors.

We are almost to our goal! Help us fill our thermometer by heading to our RallyUp page to purchase your fundraising tickets today. The funds from every ticket purchased will be donated directly to the Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking here in Los Angeles. Plus, 2 lucky winners will be chosen to receive a prize of 2 Tickets to AMC theaters or a Treat Tin from Milkbar. The last day to purchase tickets is January 31st. Don’t miss supporting a great cause!

Battery Storage: Cutting Peak Hour Consumption

When it comes to BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems), it is often assumed that you have a renewable energy source connected to it. But, did you know you can also use Battery Storage Systems to reduce costs even if you do not have a renewable source, like solar, connected to your system?

Battery Storage Systems use advanced software and controls to store and regulate power consumption by deciding when to keep the energy to store or release it to the grid, if obtained through an alternative supply other than your utility provider. But, if you are using utility power, you can still use battery storage to cut costs and avoid paying for electricity during what the utility calls peak hours.

Peak hours are when there is a high demand for energy, usually during the day when most businesses, schools, and organizations are operating, consuming the most power. This is where a BESS can help you reduce energy bills the most. Instead of paying for electricity during peak, energy is released from the battery storage system during times of high demand and recharges during off hours, helping to keep costs low and electricity flowing without utilizing the grid when demand for power is at peak.

To learn more about our energy solutions, or to request a quote call 323-255-6563 or fill out and online form here.

Meet The Team: Michael Romero

Michael joined our team mid-2020 with the goal of becoming an electrical engineer after spending time learning in the field. He immediately began soaking up knowledge and has become a wonderful electrician to have on our team—we look forward to continuing to support Michael on his journey towards becoming an engineer.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

“What I enjoy the most about my work is seeing jobs through from start to finish. I enjoy applying what I have learned at this company and being confident that I have done work as efficiently as possible. As for working specifically for this company, I enjoy the opportunity and encouragement to grow. Everyone here wants to see you succeed for yourself and for everyone.”

Testimonials From Our Recent Work

I have known Evan for many years and I have always used Southwest Industrial Electric for all my commercial real estate questions or when their services were in need. They have always been professional, knowledgeable and on time. I recommend them for any industrial or commercial electrical needs. They are the only commercial and industrial electrical company I recommend.”- Bob P

“So far things are working fine. Southwest Industrial Electric did a great job, and we are happy with your work. We plan on having you, and your company as our service provider for all electrical.” –Timothy

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