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  • SIE’s Commercial Services
    SIE’s Commercial Services

    Electrical problems can be a big problem when you're a business owner, and you rely on your electronics to get work done without any snags. Unfortunately, issues happen at the worst times and you're ...

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  • Do I have enough power?
    Do I have enough power?

    This is a fairly common question especially in a growing business. The need to add equipment to support growing demands is usually a welcomed problem. But, when it comes to electrical power capacity ...

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  • Voltage Drop - How it can affect your equipment
    Voltage Drop - How it can affect your equipment

    Voltage is the push or pressure which causes electricity to flow. The amount of pressure is expressed in volts, for example 120 volts, 240 volts, etc. The higher the voltage, the more the push or ...

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  • Cut Costs with Electrical Metering Totalization
    Cut Costs with Electrical Metering Totalization

    In our current economic climate, there is a tendency for companies to clamp down on finance. One area that always remains attractive no matter the financial climate is cutting costs. The greater the ...

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  • Preventative Maintenance Inspection FAQs
    Preventative Maintenance Inspection FAQs

    Q. What is a PMI? A. PMI stands for Preventive Maintenance Inspection or Predictive Maintenance Inspection. We treat these as two different things. Preventive addresses the physical aspect of ...

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  • Why VFDs?
    Why VFDs?

    A VFD, which stands for “Variable Frequency Drive”, is an electronic device used to control an electric motor. Compared to conventional motor control (which simply starts and stops the motor), VFDs ...

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