SIE’s Commercial Services

SIE’s Commercial Services

Electrical problems can be a big problem when you're a business owner, and you rely on your electronics to get work done without any snags. Unfortunately, issues happen at the worst times and you're often looking for the best solution possible to ensure you can continue working efficiently.

Let us put a spark back in your business.

When it comes to high-quality services, we've been the top name in Los Angeles for roughly four decades now. It's no wonder that countless businesses are looking to secure our commercial electrical services completed by qualified and train staff members all with one goal in mind: ensure you're satisfied.

At Southwest Industrial Electric, we are proud to offer many commercial services to help keep your business running because we know how important it is to you. To learn more about our commercial services in detail, read on below and if you have any questions, we're here to help whenever you need!

Machinery Repair

Imagine needing your machines to keep your organization running, and suddenly, something breaks down. What do you do? Luckily, our trained team will provide troubleshooting and repair for power, connection, and customized machinery control panels. We know how to find the problem and get things working quickly again.

Commercial Lighting Services

Inside, outside, it doesn't matter. No matter the style of light you want or need for your commercial property, we offer comprehensive services that including repairs, maintenance, cleaning of the lens and reflectors, and a complete wipe down of the entire fixture. We focus on the details to ensure optimal performance of your lighting fixtures at all times.

Power Services

When you are opening a commercial building and need to ensure you have enough power to run your equipment, our team is there to help! We can aid in the installation of a new panel if necessary or start from the start with an entirely new distribution system. Whether you need to add a power circuit or improve the system you already have in place, we got the solution for you.

Control Systems

Our commercial control system services include all types of systems, including regular control systems, hydraulic control systems, refrigeration system controls, and pneumatic control systems. We know what it takes to make your project a success, and we focus on integrating the best possible control system to your commercial building.

Factory Relocation

When you need to relocate your factory, you can feel confident in working with our team. Our goal is to help you survey the new location to determine what requirements will be needed as far as power goes for your operation to run smoothly. We can see what power is already accessible to you and if required, create an entire plan for your new electrical. After we inspect your existing and new business location, we'll provide you with a plan of action to get things moving in the right direction. Please visit our gallery to view some before and afters of pre-factory and post set up.

New Construction

For businesses just getting off the ground with new construction of their commercial property, it's essential to ensure you have experts working on the electrical work. We can come in to provide main electrical service, lighting service, in-building utility outlets, and electricity for additional equipment you need at the project site.

Preventative Maintenance

Your electrical work should be checked on a regular basis to ensure it's working to maximum capacity and safe from potential risks. Which means performing preventative maintenance which includes inspection, infrared inspection, full cleaning, and tightening of connections to ensure everything is up to code. Imagine having a piece of mind when it comes to things running smoothly in your operation. We'll come by and conduct this list of tasks.

Infrared Inspections

While we perform visual inspections, the addition of infrared inspections can give you a different look at some of the potential problems you may encounter. Infrared inspections can help you find any issues before they happen, including overheating. These inspections can identify overheating that is unidentifiable to the human eye. We have experience performing infrared checks to help commercial customers prevent big problems that require emergency services.

Emergency Services

Not all electrical problems happen during the day. As such, our team offers emergency service 24 hours a day and seven days a week to give you the peace of mind that you deserve. You don't want to be left with an outage for an extended period of time as this could be detrimental to your revenue and your productivity. We'll come out whenever you need us and provide the necessary repairs quickly and effectively.

Need a Los Angeles Commercial Electrical Contractor?

We have been a staple in the Los Angeles community for over 40 years! With every job we do, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality services backed by knowledge and experience unmatched in the business. No matter the project, big or small, we'll be there when you need assistance and provide the right fix at an affordable price the first time. Call us today to schedule your service.

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