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Chief Business Development Officer
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Before coming to SIE over two years ago, Nick our CBDO, held the position of Executive Establishment Officer at a non-profit where he was the top recruiter in the country. Since joining the SIE team, Nick has enjoyed working towards the expansion of the company, helping to push the envelope in terms of the company’s reach and service capabilities to better service our customers. Additionally, the phenomenon of electricity is fascinating for him to learn about, and the understanding of its innerworkings and behavior.

The dynamic electrical solutions we can help our customers’ with is what Nick enjoys the most about his job. He wants our customers to feel like we are a part of their team, and helping them expand and grow is what gets him up every morning. It is no surprise to learn either, that Nick is a sixth-generation builder. His dad’s side of the family has been working in construction for somewhere around 600 years in some way shape or form, and now he continues this tradition while working with SIE.