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Chief Production Officer

Our CPO, Alix, came to Southwest Industrial Electric right out of high school. After seeing his cousin begin to work in the electrical field and working on a commercial fishing boat when he was 15, he was inspired. Electrical work offered him the opportunity to work outside of the office and to work with his hands every day, which really excited him because he learned he enjoyed that while working on the boat. To this day he thanks these first experiences for sparking his understanding of good work ethic, the importance of hard work and being patient with whatever you do--an important skill when working on electrical systems.

Now, with almost 15 years of experience in the industry and with SIE, Alix appreciates that through it all, the common atmosphere of family has remained even through the company’s growth. One thing that has not changed over the years is Alix’s interest in how electricity keeps the world moving. It is part of almost every process worldwide and will always be needed in one form or another, which is why he finds the ability to understand and control electricity to be such a valuable skill. He sees SIE as a place that has big goals with a Mom and Pop attitude, which no doubt has been reflected in the leadership role he has by treating all employees like family.