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Chief Executive Officer

Kristin, our CEO started working at Southwest Industrial Electric as the Director of Technical Services over 14 years ago. Prior to coming to SIE she had spent years working for a non-profit tutoring center. There, she was equipped with skills on training people, sales, recruiting and even finance, serving as a great platform to handle all the aspects that come with running SIE. Her goal and interest to always help people do well, especially at SIE, built the current environment found today—a strong, great organization where people can thrive and bring the best possible electrical services to our customers every day.

She believes that when everyone in the company is happy and doing well, they will bring the best to our customers. This is something Kristin loves about her job, the people. Whether it be the staff, our customers or our vendors, she finds that we have the best and most wonderful people to work with. Plus, electricity is an extremely valuable and crucial industry to be in. Kristin likes the technical aspects of having solutions to make the world go round with all industry requiring electricity to perform its functions. When Kristin is not helping the world go round at SIE, you can find her dancing or hanging out with her two adorable daughters.