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Quality Manager

Near the end of 2018 Patrick began handling our training and quality management at Southwest Industrial Electric. With his background in commercial/industrial electrical and real estate inspection, he hit the ground running with helping others learn about electricity. Having always been fascinated with the field itself, from the physics of electricity, to the near infinite number of devices that control and convey it, Patrick has found it extremely rewarding helping others get excited about electricity too. He has even found himself enjoying reading through the 1400 page National Electrical Code book, a valuable thing to know when you are in charge of ensuring the quality of our work and training program.

Since not doing hands on electrical work anymore, Patrick has found pure enjoyment in training and teaching others all about electricity and SIE’s standards. A nice moment for him is when someone suddenly understands a new piece of information about an installation or how electricity works because that person truly feels like they now know that information and it is not just something they have memorized. In addition to keeping our standards high and employees engaged, Patrick keeps his hands busy in his spare time by tinkering with things like furniture making, surfboard repair and beer making.