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As the Founder of Southwest Industrial Electric, Evan has been a part of the company since day one. He started doing electrical work in 1978 by apprenticing for an electrical contractor in So Cal. He was like a duck to water in that he found the subject very intriguing and almost natural to him. He studied the subject all the time and to this day has not lost any interest in the electrical field. And so, with that spark of interest, in 1981 Evan and two of his friends decided to start a partnership and form their own electrical company. They ran the company together for several years, but by the late 80s Evan’s natural attraction to the trade left him as the last partner standing, and in the 90s he decided to re-brand to Southwest Industrial Electric, creating the company that is today.

The most interesting part of electricity for Evan, is the simplicity of it and how easy it can be to predict. It is these predictions, the ability to understand electricity and create solutions, that drives the high standards we hold at SIE. Our standards are higher than the norm, and it is something Evan appreciates the most about the company. He loves the fact that we can take pride in the way we care about doing any job right, the first time, every time.