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Production Manager

When Daniel first started at Southwest Industrial Electric, he did not have much experience in the electrical world, and so he initially started in our training program. After years of experience and the willingness to learn, he worked his way up the ladder to his position today as our Production Manager. In fact, one thing Daniel really enjoys about working at SIE is that any person can go from knowing next to nothing about electrical, to participating in the training program that allows them to become a full-fledged electrician in a relatively short amount of time.

In addition to the training program, Daniel enjoys the group and atmosphere of the company. He finds that each person is in good spirits and ready to get the job done every day, which he, as a manager, has undoubtably helped shape. In ways similar to Daniel’s ability to lead and create a positive space for our electricians, he finds the most interesting part of electricity to be how we have managed to be able to harness it and use it to create work that would otherwise be impossible.